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Below is a list of our main product catagories, click the links for more information.

Swans at Isle of White

Swan Fleets

Our swans are one of our favorite products. At every location where they have been introduced, they have generated spectacular increases in revenue.

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Dragons at Scarborough

Dragon Boats

Our Dragon Boats are our latest product and have proved to be instantly popular.

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Duckling at Exmouth Fun Park

Childrens Boats

One of the most important parts of our design process is to maximise the fun that children have on our boats. Giving them one of their own is paramount.

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12 Seater Swan at Scarbrough

Big Swans

Our Big Swans perfectly compliment the Swan shaped pedal boats and provide an eyecatching attraction.

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Viking Ships at Thorpe Park

Viking Ships

This novel rowing boat can provide the basis for a themed area, which can be a tremendous crowd puller.

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Pedaloe at Butlins


Our standard range of pedalos prove very popular with the public, and they have also been designed with your operational requirements very much in mind.

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Metro Trout Rowboat

Rowing Boats

A range of row boats which maintain the high standards of customer attraction and build quality, that we set for all our products.

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Metro Explorer Canoe


Canoes for the Leisure Hire market which combine visual appeal, with the safety and stability requirements of your customers very much in mind.

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Log Raft Party at Thorpe Park

Log Rafts

A very novel product, which was produced to a particular design brief, but which has since proved a great success when introduced into themed areas.

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Road Train at Perrin Sands

Road Trains

Our trains are designed on the "Keep it simple" principle and they combine a very 'British' look with the ease of maintenance that your engineers are looking for.

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Crazy Golf Course at Filey Promenade

Crazy Golf Courses

Crazy Golf courses are an all round favourite, and we have a wide range of Hazards. We can uprate your existing course or we can supply a complete package.

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Sunloungers at Thorpe Park, London


An attractive range of well designed Sunloungers, which will compliment your beach or poolside location.

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Our new Dragon Project

Special Projects

We are happy to work with you on any special project that you may have in mind. We can call upon a wide range of resources and we welcome a challenge!

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British Airways Float, Lord Mayors Show, London

Special Themes

We work closely with our customers, and what starts as a 'brainstorming' session is soon translated into reality.

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